Ananya Kotia

Ph.D. candidate, Department of Economics
London School of Economics

Working Projects

Import Competition and the Long Run Effects of Industrial Policy: Evidence from India

  • Funding: IGC

How Much do Firms Save? Financial Frictions and the Microeconomic Implications of the Euler Equation

  • Funding: STEG


  • with Oriana Bandiera (LSE), Ilse Lindenlaub (Yale), Christian Moser (Columbia), and Andrea Pratt (Columbia)

Aggregate Impacts of Command-and-Control Environmental Policy: Evidence from Court-Ordered Mining Bans in India

  • with Utkarsh Saxena (Oxford) and Henry Zhang (MIT)
  • Funding: PEDL, STICERD

Labor Market Frictions, the Organization of Labor, and Structural Change

  • with Chinmay Lohani (UPenn) and Utkarsh Saxena (Oxford)
  • Funding: STEG

Digitizing Historical Indian Plant-Level Data on Labour Outcomes

  • with Utkarsh Saxena (Oxford)
  • Funding: PEDL, G²LM|LIC